Sport is much more fun in really great workout clothes

La Rocha is a colorful and fashionable sports brand aimed at women. Our focus is on unique and multi colored designs, which inspire and motivate all women in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

We are two sisters, Chantal and Romy Maaskant, with a passion for sports. We live in the south of the Netherlands, close to the Belgian and German border. Our parents are from the west of the Netherlands, and we were born in Almere.

There is a truth to every cliché. The relationship between two headstrong, hard working and open minded sisters grew stronger over the years, and resulted in that first great idea in 2015: a sports brand tailored to fashionable women. La Rocha was born.

Ever since we can remember, exercise has been important to us. You can find us in the gym almost every day, together with a group of energetic ladies. Enjoying a mindful workout together.

Exercising and feeling good, that is what gives us, and hopefully you, energy. That is what La Rocha is all about!

We want to get rid of those dreary sports pants, and focus on quality, functionality but also on creativity and design. With La Rocha, you’ll make a fashionable impression everywhere!